Web updated
Monday 9 May 2011

Finally, we got some time and we've updated the webpage. Some things have changed and the code is now mantained in the GNOME git repository. We could achieve this thanks to the work of Pablo Castellano, the new mantainer of Buoh, who migrated it to use the latest version of libsoup.

You can read more at Pablo's blog.

Buoh 0.8.2
Monday 23 October 2006

Faster than a cheetah release!

Finally, after almost one year of delay, we have a new release! We have improved the network use, and the comic loading is now faster than ever. Some new zoom modes has been also developed, so the visualization is now suitable to most users. Also, we have added new comics:

It has been deleted some other comics that were abandoned or moved. Sorry if there were users that likes that comics, we hope we can recover them in the future.

Buoh 0.8.1
Friday 02 November 2005

Smaller than an ant release!

Here comes a new release that includes a new cache system, which improves the memory usage and make Buoh faster. Here is the list of changes:

New comics:

We will like to thanks all the feedback we've received, thanks to all of you for been interested in this program.

Buoh 0.8
Wednesday 09 November 2005

First public release of Buoh!

After near a year of irregular development, we're proud to announce the first public release of the greatest, easiest and eye-candy reader for online comic stripes. Buoh just aims to help the comic lovers by providing an easy way of browsing and reading their favorites comic stripes.

Use Buoh and spend all your spare time in your _busy_ work reading comics. Working will never be bored again with Buoh :)